What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the removal of subluxations that interfere with the brain, spinal cord and nerve systems ability to control the body’s ability to function, heal, and recreate.

What does that mean? Subluxations occur from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual stress. So how we move, how we thin and what we eat. They can even begin in utero – I’ll save that for another day.

Osseous subluxations or bony subluxations detected in the spine by chiropractors is described as 2 vertebrae not moving or lining up properly causing a delirious effect to overall health and organs and tissues and cells associated with the subluxation. SO improper movement and alignment directly causes damage to the ligaments which develop scar tissue, shortness – weakness – and tightness of muscles, breakdown of the disc, decreased nerve flow, decreased circulation or blood flow to the area, decreased function of the associated organ. The nerve flow or communication can not get from the brain properly to the area of the body and the information travelling from the organ or affected area can not get back to brain.

A normal spine from front to back should be straight up and down and have 4 curves from the side. The cervical curve, or neck, must have a reverse “C” shape in order for an individual to have proper nerve system flow affecting overall health. It is essential – better yet it is mandatory. The thoracic spine or upper back aligns the opposite direction in a kyphotic position, the lumbar or low back again is a reverse elliptical shape. The tail bone then tucks under the spine.  We develop a cervical curve in utero at 9.5 weeks so we should all be born with a curve.  Traumas in pregnancy and delivery can cause a baby to be born without a curve and this needs chiropractic attention right away to restore a curve for proper motor and neurological development. 

– Dr. Wendy