When your sympathetics are stuck ‘on’

“The Function of the nervous system is to Perceive the Environment and Coordinate the Behaviour of all other Cells”   – Dr. Bruce Lipton – Nobel Peace Prize Winner

In our practice we are monitoring your level of nerve system balance between your sympathetic system and parasympathetic system.


Your output or symptom, or lack of ease, lack of movement, lack of flexibility, lack of rest and digest is a reflection of how your body is processing and coordinating a response to what goes into your body.

Your bodies input may have locked in a high sympathetic state due to an excessive input of stress, and thus the output or symptom is a reflection of its response to the environment.   The stress input is garnered from traumas, toxins and thoughts.

A baby – can learn and get, “Stuck” in a high sympathetic state through information coming through the umbilical cord in utero.  Birth trauma can add to this “stuckness.”   A baby that is struggling outwardly – may be presenting with their best response to  an input from a stuck state of fight or flight.    Their parasympathetic branch of their nerve system was not allowed to turn on or up to balance them out and have ease.

When sympathetics are stuck on – and they can be for a long time, they can be trained to be the primary response to everything as the brain process and coordinates input.  A sound can be met with a hyperactive jump or screech.  Lack of deep sleep can occur as the body is constantly waiting for a crisis and locked in the mode of defense.  Muscles can guard are spasm due to prolonged improper motion and alignment due to being stuck in, “Fight or flight.”

Helping your body relearn and wake up the parasympathetics which help ones body rest, digest and have ease, (including letting muscles lengthen and relax),  is crucial in how your physiology interprets the day to day physical, mental/emotional, toxic and nutritional experiences or stresses.

A subluxation: which physically is where the spine and nerve system is literally stuck – alters the internal environment so perception changes the output.

A subluxation sets up abnormal output when the stressors were enough to alter the nerve systems function at an ideal state.  A subluxation is a neurofunctional problem – a nerve and function problem –

An altered perception internally then sets up coordination, processing and integration and it kicks out what we may perceive or feel to be a unhealthy symptom or condition. 

I hope for some of you this makes you go Ah!  That makes sense – Some of you may be shaking your head due to total confusion and asking, “But what about my back pain?”

Either way – please engage and discuss when you are in next or send a message so I can discuss further.   – The language of chiropractic – its not about a bone out of place!

Dr. Wendy Coburn

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