Chiropractic saved and changed my life

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At the age of 17 I was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident. To most it was not a significant accident. At the time I didn’t think it was either. We all walked away and went on with our day at high school, work etc.

2 months later I had crippling back pain were I could not walk and was bent off to one side. I had to miss school as I could not sit for very long nor withstand the 1 hour school bus ride into the city for school both directions.

It was not until my physical education teacher saw me from across the gym and right away recognized that I was injured. He stated, “Wendy you have hurt your back and you need to go to a chiropractor.”

Life Changing words that I did not know at the time as I had never heard of chiropractic at that point in time. Still only today less than (approximately), 22% utilize chiropractic in Alberta and many of that 22% do not have chiropractors as a key part of their wellness lifetime health team. That number is probably more like 1%. OF the 22% many have only attended care 1-2 times.

Chiropractic would have not transformed my life nor led me on the path to passionately share and empower thousands of chiropractic visits over the last 24 plus years. I have done so even longer mind you when I worked as an assistant for chiropractors whilst in University.

Brining ease into the body to allow it to heal and work at its best – helped me with regulating stress during exams at school and University. Chiropractic helped me with physical performance in being a personal trainer and do races such as half marathons, and Ironman Triathlons. The biggest and most influential impact chiropractic has supported me with is ease and balance to assist in regulating my emotions with supporting family through trials and challenges. Those being loss of a father, friends and other family members.

Connection of the brain and body is chiropractic. Chiropractic is essential for whole body healing and adaptability to life.

CHiropractic is not to treat a symptom or condition – I want to shout from the rooftops the importance of everyone having a chiropractor on their health team to support their neurospinal health for themselves and their families for a lifetime.

Individuals often start care because of a symptom. Yet as chiropractors we have done a terrible, terrible job at supporting individuals to understand the best way to support someone is when they are healthy for wellness check ups and care. You don’t go to the dentist just because you need a root canal – most don’t anyway. You go for a cleaning and check up. You don’t go to the optometrist because you have an eye injury you go to support sight and have well check ups. You go to your pediatrician to check for health and wellness not illness all the time.

Health care in Canada is in crisis and has been for years. It supports us when we are sick – Let chiropractors support you to stay healthy! We are here for you! Everyone of you.

Invest in yourself and your family with health – it is the best and most valuable asset you have. It is easier to care for health than to fix and treat a condition or problem/disease.

Chiropractic transformed my life and the trajectory I was on – it enabled me to do so many amazing and wonderful things. It still supports me and my family to be at our best.

I am here as are many colleagues around the world, country, province to support you on your health and wellness journey to help you achieve your dreams, your goals and move you towards a life beyond imagination and possibility if you let it!

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